Dermatological campaing 2013


Once again the annual dermatological campaign at Anidan`s Pablo Horstmann Hospital and Lamu District Hospital has taken place, which offers treatment to all Anidan`s employees and children, as well as the local Lamu people in need.
Thanks to all those who have made this campaign possible!
Campaign statistics of to follow:

• Dermatologist team:
Dr. Constanza Bahillo Monné
Dr. Inma García Cano

• Campaign duration: oct 14th - 22nd oct 2013

• Number of patients examined and treated: 235
Anidan`s Children
Anidan`s and Pablo Horstmann Hospital employees
Children from the Manroad school
Adults and childrem from the Lamu district

• 2 two scientific sessions: prevalent pathology and clinical cases

• 8 interventions


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