Dental campaing

► Once again the annual dental campaign at Anidan`s Pablo Horstmann Hospital hich offers treatment to all Anidan`s employees and children, as well as the local Lamu people in need, has taken place. Thanks to all those who have made this campaign possible!
Campaign statistics of to follow:

Coordinator: Dra. Lucía Barallat Sendagorta 
Dr. Jaime Alcaraz 
Dr. Fernando Luengo 

Campaign period: August 19th – September 3rd 2013 

Number of patients examined and treated: 281
• Anidan`s Children
• Anidan`s and Pablo Horstmann Hospital employees 
• Women and children from the Afrikable association 
• Adults and childrem from the Lamu district

Total number of people treated: 351 
• Extractions: 206 
• Dental obturation: 145
• Estetic reconstructions: 22 
• Root scaling: 2 
• Fluoride treatment for all patients under 18.

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